Since 2010, the summer learning program and its research protocol have had the same objective: to benefit students and reduce summer literacy and numeracy learning losses. As these reports attest, the research protocol is developing important data needed for strong evidenced-based policy making, and the further enhancement of high-quality summer programs in Ontario. The comments, ideas, strategies and successes gathered here from the SLP community have helped summer learning in Ontario make a greater impact on more students.

SLP Reports

The following Report has been prepared by the Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat to outline the impact of the 2014 Summer Learning Program in minimizing summer learning loss.

Summer Learning Program Report 2014: Program Monitoring for Accountability


SLLP report 2012

SLLP report 2011

Summer Literacy Learning_technical appendix 2011

SLP planning guide

SLLP Planning Guide 2014 English_HR

Research Reports

Quantitative and Qualitative Research Results_2013

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Le rapport de 2013

Le rapport de 2012

Le rapport de 2011

Annexe technique du projet d’été de littératie 2011

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Résultats qualitatifs et quantitatifs de la recherche_2013

Étude longitudinale de trois conseils scolaires de langue française, 2014
L’université d’Ottawa a complété son rapport sur les trois conseils scolaires de langue française participant à une étude longitudinale pour déterminer si les programmes d’été de littératie font une différence dans le temps. Le rapport complet est disponible seulement en français. Chaque conseil a reçu son propre rapport individuel.