The Summer Learning Programs show that when teachers, principals, parents and communities work together, the outcome is significant and worthwhile. Parents of SLP students, provided with opportunities to learn new skills to help their children succeed in school, became “active partners” in the program and develop stronger relationships with local schools and teachers.

Some of these opportunities to engage parents of SLP students include:

  • Contacting parents first, and ensuring all aspects of the summer program are shared with them (e.g., via information nights, newsletters, personal phone calls).
  • Opportunities for parents to make an informed decision and commitment to the program, and having the final decision as to whether their son or daughter participates.
  • Ongoing and clear communication with parents throughout the Summer Learning Program.
  • Interaction with SLP staff to learn how to assist their children with the acquisition of literacy and/or numeracy skills and increased academic achievement.
  • Providing resources so parents are better able to offer improved levels of support at home.
  • Opportunities during the program to connect with other parents who have similar expectations, challenges and needs.
  • Offering information and insights on how their child is achieving success during the summer program.