Invite Students

Identifying and Inviting Primary Students

Students considered for the SLP are those who experience greater challenges in achieving the provincial standards and/or experience greater socio- economic challenges than their peers, and would benefit most from an engaging and effective Summer Learning Program.

These students:

  • Are currently registered in Senior Kindergarten, grades 1, 2 and 3
  • May not have the same opportunities as their peers for educational summer opportunities
  • Can benefit from a small student to adult ratio
  • Would profit from a boost in skill development and self-confidence
  • Will enjoy the extended activities, recreational opportunities and nutritional support
  • Would feel more confident about going into the next grade in September
  • Will be provided with necessary resources and supports if they have been identified as exceptional students
  • Have SLP teachers and classroom teachers who have an opportunity to discuss student profiles before the summer program begins

Download these tips for the month of April to help organise your planning.