Expand Community Partnerships

Through the Summer Learning Program, boards can create opportunities to expand existing community partnerships while at the same time identifying and building exciting new ones. These partnerships should be recognized and celebrated for their ability to enhance students’ SLP experiences and provide context to the program.

Note that, as an integral part of the summer learning program, boards are expected to provide a recreation and/or activity component. Boards may also (but are not required to) enter into a partnership with a local not-for-profit agency or organization (e.g., YMCA or Boys and Girls Club). Numerous boards expanded the recreation component to include drama and arts, adding variety to the summer learning program while enhancing a number of essential skills.

Key benefits of community partnerships:

  • Provide the foundation for the recreational component of the SLP
  • Enrich and support the program
  • Build upon and align with the academic learning taking place during the SLP
  • Integrate drama, music and the arts into literacy, numeracy and FNMI activities
  • Offer financial support, resources, expert advice and volunteers to the program
  • Provide breakfast and snack programs and assistance in building knowledge and understanding of healthy lifestyles