Collect Data

2015 Summer Learning Board Plans are due June 30!

Important reminder to summer learning board leads: please forward by email a copy of your 2015 Summer Learning Plan to the CODE office and to your regional lead by June 30. Thank you to boards that have already submitted their 2015 plan. Questions regarding completing and submitting summer learning plans can be directed to the appropriate board lead. Download the plan here: English / En français

Become familiar with the data collection requirements (including testing of students, collecting of data, and completion of the spread sheet). This may vary from year to year. Consult board policies for confidentiality guidelines and collection of data procedures, and contact LNS lead as necessary for help with issues specific to completion of the spreadsheet and providing the data as requested.

Input as much data as required into the spreadsheet in June. This is critically important.

Download this monthly guide for June to help with planning.