Develop Your Program

Developing and Implementing the Program

The key expectation for the SLP is for district school boards to develop and implement an engaging summer literacy/numeracy/FNMI program for invited students. Providing rich summer programs helps to reduce summer learning loss and, in some cases, increases student achievement.

Beginning the process as early as possible will help everyone to be better prepared and ready to implement an effective summer learning program. Using a team approach and building upon the expertise within the board is an excellent way to develop an engaging and rewarding experience for all stakeholders.

Remember that reporting on the program (to parents, the board, September classroom teachers and CODE) is an expectation of the SLP. This valuable information will assist boards to plan future programs, enhance existing ones and support students both in summer programs and throughout the school year.

The key aspects of the SLP are as follows:

  • Provide a program for students, identified by their classroom teacher and/or principal, who would benefit from a summer learning program.
  • Increase parental involvement and provide opportunities for parents to learn more about how their children learn and how to support learning at home.
  • Increase student achievement and close achievement gaps for participating summer students.
  • Develop opportunities for teachers to gain expertise and experience in teaching primary literacy/numeracy/FNMI expectations and outcomes.
  • Develop and use learning resources that build literacy or numeracy skills and are appropriate to the learning levels of the summer students.