Engage Parents

Engaging Parents in the Program

Parental involvement is an important component of the Summer Learning Program. Opportunities for parents to learn about literacy and/or numeracy strategies both prior to the SLP program and during the summer sessions provide strategies for home support for the child throughout the year. Direct contact and communication with parents during the program sets a positive stage for successful learning.

Parents of SLP students:

  • Are contacted first and all aspects of the summer program are shared with them (information night, newsletter, personal phone call, notice)
  • Have an opportunity to make an informed decision and commitment to the program, and have the final decision as to whether their son or daughter participates
  • Can expect ongoing and clear communication throughout the Summer Learning Program
  • Are afforded opportunities, through interaction with SLP staff, to learn how to assist their children with the acquisition of literacy and/or numeracy skills and increased academic achievement
  • Are more able to offer improved levels of support at home
  • Experience a positive school experience which is transferred to the next school year
  • Are given opportunities during the program to connect with other parents who have similar expectations, challenges and needs
  • Are offered information and insights on how their child is achieving success during the summer program

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